Lake Town Visits: Groveland, Livingston County

WXXI is taking a look at life among the Finger Lakes, telling the stories of people who live in the small lake towns every Friday morning on WXXI-AM 1370.

WXXI's Carlet Cleare visited Groveland in Livingston County in her story that aired on Friday, July 29. The full list of stories can be found here.

Below are some photos from Groveland shot by WXXI Interns Kelly Lord and Karis Schneider including images of Spazzstick lip balm referenced in Carlet's story.



What a Disappointment

"Lake Town Visits" is supposed to be what this was? What a disappointment. Groveland Station isn't even in any lake's watershed. Your reporter should have gone east, over the hill, to the mile of West Lake Road in Groveland that actually does border Conesus Lake, to file her story. Far from a series of decrepit cars & closed businesses, that part of this town is full of excitement. Full-time residents who have given up suburbia for lakeside living. Summer residents who bring energy and their love for the lake style of living. A lakeshore restaurant that's noisy & energetic. Porches where the breezes of a sultry summer cool the sun's heat.
I live in Groveland, and believe you really lost an opportunity to provide listeners with something of value. What I heard in this story was hardly worth the time.