PBS Food

PBS Food

Whenever you're hungry, find your favorite recipes from your favorite PBS Food show.

An online site that unites cooking shows, blogs and recipes from PBS and local stations, like WXXI.

From Julia Child to Jose Andres to WXXI's New York Wine and Table, PBS food explores rich culinary traditions and presents a smart, deep look at the art of food. The new online site is dedicated to celebrating the iconic chefs and culinary treats you love from PBS.

Special features include:

• a recipe database from cooking programs,

• food blog(s) anchored by established food bloggers Marc Matsumoto and Jenna Weber,

• featured cooking content and videos by program, personality and genre, including video from WXXI's New York Wine and Table,

• special packages and reports highlighting food content from across the country.

Check it out, click here. We guarantee you'll be hooked!