This’ll be old news to most people but Bobby Henrie & the Goners are really great! I know. I need to get out more. I’m workin’ on it.

Bobby’s been around the Rochester music scene for years but we met up for the first time last week at the Grassroots Festival. This was after Balfa Tojours, after The Lee Boys, after Walter Mouton. I was ready to sit down for a while and knock back a Porkslap Ale. We wandered back up by the dance tent and that siren song (if you can imagine sirens playing rockabilly) drew us right in and right up front. The throb of the rhythm section and that slash and burn guitar hit us full force.

They’ll be playing a couple free shows closer to home…tomorrow at 7pm at the First Unitarian Church on South Winton, and Friday, August 1st at the Village Gate as part of the 14 Friday Nights series.