Old rivals

After two days in Shanghai, I asked members of the Rochester Oratorio Society and their family members,

"What's the difference between Beijing and Shanghai?"

"[Shanghai] is a little more sophisticated and a little more grungy, altogether." - Jackie
"First, Shanghai's more cosmopolitan, don't you think? People dress in a more stylish way. And the other thing is this: it's WAY hotter. It feels like a sauna and a steam bath in the sun."
- Maryellen

"Hard to say. I was quickly turned off by the fact that out of three guides in Shanghai, only one spoke English. We couldn't ask questions." - Larry

"Better food in Shanghai." - Liz

"Shanghai is not as clean as Beijing." - Steve

"Beijing and Shanghai are great rivals. Rivals. Long time. I'm from Beijing. I hope you like Beijing." - Jane, our guide

"To me, the most exciting thing is seeing what's been done in the last seven years in Beijing, getting ready for the Olympics. It's gleaming! The excitement, the feel. How proud the Chinese are. To be here right now, in this moment, while this is happening, whoa! But the food might be better in Shanghai." - Gerry



Shanghai Lion

LOL, your bottom pic on this page, an ROS member I don't know and the lion statuary-- her imitative pose with tongue out of mouth is indeed a Yogic breathing exercise called, none other than, "Lion." The poor dears whose digestive systems rebelled, I understand exactly, myself diagnosed with some auto-immune disorder my primary care doc has diagnosed predisposing my digestive and respiratory system to angst with all but carefully chosen whole foods. Foreign travels are wonderful adventures but, in Dorothy's words from the "Wizard of Oz," "There's no place like home...." Welcome home ROS.
Sue W. - ERC, FLCF

Old Rivals

Just a clarification for anyone looking at this page - the picture attached to the main page depicts my cousin Maryellen and I and we have not ever been rivals - and you may debate about the "old" part - but anyone who knows Maryellen wouldn't ever describer her that way!!

As a non-singer and resident of Rochester (MN that is) I really enjoyed the trip, the people on the trip, the music and now reading the blogs.

Hi, Jackie! Glad you

Hi, Jackie! Glad you arrived home safely!