The International Language

I always thought music was the international language, but Paul Oldfield has a different definition. Fans of The Spice Girls and Rimsky-Korsakov will be blown away by this story from The Guardian.



Thanks for passing along this article!

I'm not sure what I enjoyed more in this article, the "Flatulence is very much the international language," quote, the fact that a renowned bowel specialist gave such a scientific explanation of Mr. Oldfield's talents or that the writer of the article did such a thorough job of covering both the positive and negatives of Paul's unusual "gift".

I also think that many, many young boys throughout the world would agree with the "universal language" bit and would most likely feel inspired by Paul Oldfield's ability to gain fame through passing gas.

I love The Guardian (it's always being referenced in the McCall-Smith books that I love so much and sometimes blog about)!

You're welcome...

...for passing it along! Fnarr, fnarr.

Your readers might want to know about a brand new children's book based on the life of Le Pétomane.

Who knew?

there would be a kids book on this topic?

Thanks for the book link- too funny! Not only do I know a few kids that would enjoy the book, I think my 23-year-old brother will get a kick out of it as well!