More Harp Guitar

John DoanJohn DoanA few day after Mason Williams visited the studio, John Doan returned for a more intensive harp guitar session. John had accompanied Mason Williams in his studio visit, and on stage that night in performance.

This time John came solo.

John DoanJohn DoanWith him was his twenty string harp guitar. A beautiful instrument. The first of it's kind, as all previous harp guitars only had the added bass strings above the fret board. He helped develop the idea of adding high strings below the fret board.
John DoanJohn Doan
Listening to the fluid progressions from the existing strings up into the high reaches or the added harp strings was a tribute to the design of the instrument and the technique of Mr. Doan.

If you were one of the lucky to catch him at his house concert that week, or participate in the workshop, you know what I mean. It is an unusual playing of an unusual guitar. Harp-like.



Something Creek

I believe that song that Norman Black taught Steve is Salt Creek or Salt River unless I'm mistaken...
I tried calling but not sure if I had the right number..
Love the show,