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Over The Air DTV channels
As some, if not all know... The actual channels that the DTV stations currently utilize for broadcast are not the same used for analog broadcast. The channels are mapped using a Virtual Channel Map that is passed to your DTV receiver when the channels are scanned. This data provides the analog and digital frequencies as well as the data to setup the extra channels that some stations broadcast.

Occasionally, a channel scan will not find one or more stations… Try tuning the channel manually using the table below.

I have also listed the channel that the stations will move to at the analog cutoff in February 2009… You do know about that don’t you?

WXXI-DT - PBS - channel 16 UHF / SAME
WUHF-DT - FOX - channel 28 UHF /SAME
WROC-DT - CBS - channel 45 UHF /SAME
WPXJ-DT - PAX - channel 53 UHF - (Batavia) / ?
WHEC-DT - NBC - channel 58 UHF / 10VHF
WOKR-DT - ABC - channel 59 UHF /13 VHF

Out of Town Over The Air DTV channels
WSTM-DT - NBC - channel 3 - Syracuse
WITX-DT - ABC - channel 9 - Syracuse
WCNY-DT - PBS - channel 24 - Syracuse
WGRZ-DT - NBC - channel 33 - Buffalo
WIVB-DT - CBS - channel 39 - Buffalo
WTVH-DT - CBS - channel 47 – Syracuse

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Question on over the air reception of WXXI digital channels

Hi, I am a WXXI supporter living in Webster at Empire Blvd/Creek Rd area. WXXI is my favorite channel. I need help to set up my TV/antenna to receive WXXI digital channels! I have a new HDTV and a new in-door amplified TV antenna. I am able to set up my TV and antenna to receive ALL the local digital channles, including full HD ones, from ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX with excellent image quality. However, I just can not receive any of WXXI digital signal - not at all, not even a trace of signal. My local Radio Shack people told me that WXXI digital channels are not currently broadcast over the air, and thus I can not receive them. Is this true? If not, could you please help me or point me to resources (website, etc) how I may set up my TV/antenna to receive WXXI channels? This is getting more urgent considering that analog signals will be turned off soon. Thanks.

Thanks for the question!

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Hello there!

Kent will probably address this better when he returns from some time off (or maybe one of our other DTV experts will join this thread) but what I can tell you for sure is that WXXI's digital channels are definitely being broadcast over the air at this time.  Thanks for commenting, and you should be hearing back from someone on this question soon.

Andrew Wheeland - Director of Interactive Services

Over the Air Reception

Yeh-Hung, Sorry about the trouble that you have been having. There has been quite a bit of misinformation about our digital transmissions, not all of it coming from Radio Shack. We are on the air digitally and have been for 5 years. I'd recommend that you try Terk's HDTVi (non-amplified) indoor antenna or its equivalent. Audiovox manufactures Terk antennas, and you may view them on-line by following the Terk link at It is a good looking indoor antenna with both VHF and UHF sections and excellent directivity. (They are available locally and Rowe Photo and probably other places -- as well as from online retailers such as You may also try Terk's TV4.) You are probably too close to our signal for an amplified antenna to be effective. Digital signals are more prone to overload a receiver than are analog signals, and digital signals are very dependent on amplitude detection for proper performance. In other words, blasting your TV with an amplified antenna won't work well for DTV! So try a non-amplified antenna with good directivity, and see if your reception improves! Nolan

Another Webster Over the Air WXXI DTV "No Signal"

Using the WXXI recommended Zenith DTT901 converter box I cannot receive WXXI DTV.

My location is near Webster Park and with a modest outdoor antenna I get good DTV signal from ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. This same antenna brings in weak but unacceptably snowy analog reception for the same four stations AND WXXI. The analog signals are all equally poor for all stations.

Big Problem is:

I get "No Signal" at all from WXXI. Have tried to manually tune it also -- still "No Signal".

Help please so I can kiss cable TV good bye.

Long time substantial WXXI member.

No Signal in Webster also???

I have had alot of trial and error for the past 3 years with WXXI HD, I bought a HD TV 3 yeaRS AGO AND HAVE HAD INTERMITTENT RECEPTION WITH 21-1, 21-2, 21-3 & 21-4. I use a 6' antenna in my attic with an amplifier, but was told from a WXXI tech staff that digital signals are prone to oberload so I turned it down and it worked sometimes. Now even if I remove the amplifier i get no signal. It seems there are too many people with this problem, and we are all quite close. Is that the problem? My sisters boyfriend in caledonia has great WXXI hd reception and again she is in webster and does not. I think it is great your technology and signal strength reachess the outlying areas, but wouldn't it make sense to solve the problem for the line share of viewers in your immediate area and require qoutlying areas to use a signal amplifier??? I may be totally off base but i have played around with this a dozen times and have had spotty at best results. i even hooked up some basic rabbit ears and a basic terk antenna from best buy, sometimes it works sometimes it does not. Seems ABC, CBS and NBC are doing something right because we all get fantastic HD reception from them! Please enlighten me as to how to better address this. I M NOT A CABLE OR SATELLITE USER AND LIKELY WILL NEVER BE so when the analog is phased out i will not recieve WXXI programming if a resolution for this problem is not found. I am a regular donor and my family and I have enjoyed the wxxi, PROGRAMMING AND WOULD LIKE TO CONTINUE TO DO SO. sORRY ABOUT THE CAPS, ITS LATE and I just noticed. thanks and e-mail me if I can be part of the solution?

Very weak WXXI-DTV signal in Webster

Like Jim, we are in Webster, and get very poor DTV reception from WXXI. On the other hand, DTV from the network stations is excellent. My family pretty much watches WXXI only, so come February, we will basically no longer have broadcast TV. Any tips on fixing this problem will be very welcome.

Poor reception

If you have a wireless router connected to your intenet service, try adjusting the frequency that it broadcasts on. The signal that mine was putting out was interfering with the reception of the digital tuner that I picked up.

Same here (Browncroft) -No reception on for any WXXI stations

I, too, get a "no signal" message for 21.1-21.4. I'm using an indoor (RCA) antenna with adjustable signal strength but no matter how low I set it I still get nothing.

I am easily receiving signals from 8.1, 10.1, 10.2, 13.1, and 13.2. 31.1 had a pixillated picture at first but a little fussing with the antenna solved this. I tend to doubt I have overloaded signals because dialing down the antenna's signal strength definitely made made the pixillation worse on 31.1.

Please help.

No signal

Barney, you shold be able to receive WXXI-DT...  Do you have splitters or any other device between the antenna and the receiver / set-top box?  Try removing any device between the antenna and the receiver...


No Signal


Thanks for the thought but here are no other devices connected: The antenna runs to the box, the box runs to the TV.

I found specs for my RCA antenna on the web and it is supposed to have a 25 Db gain in signal. Do you have other ideas? I hate to go to the muss and fuss of installing an outdoor antenna.

No reception in Marion either...

I also am having same issues in Marion. Not able get WXXI or WCEC at all. Can someone help?

No reception

Most issues of poor or no reception require some sort of antenna upgrade...   I always recommend, when possible, to use an outdoor antenna... See:

for the bestt antenna for your area.


No reception - Browncroft area

Why is it that it's just WXXI that I am unable to receive. I have signal strength for all of the other stations of 85 - 93%. I have tried 4 different antennas (2 powered, 2 un-powered) and have had no results. Not even a glimmer of a signal. Now I'm being told that I should purchase an outdoor antenna when I could practically throw a stone and hit the antennas on Pinnacle Hill? What are the other stations doing that makes their signal more effective?

no reception either for WXXI

pretty much what everybody else has shown concern about. everything else comes in perfect . What's up? thanks

Finally got reception!

All of these comments, I feel they could have been written by me. We live in Irondequoit near the lake (which usually means bad reception from the get-go), and will probably always be over-the-air viewers. We started out with a regular TV and converter box- which was a horrible experience. We couldn't get WXXI at all- not even the analog station! (couldn't even get analog or digital channel 8) We bought a digital TV a few weeks ago, and the difference between that and the converter box is just astounding! Our new TV picked up every digital station beautifully except WXXI and its subchannels. I came here, read the advice, followed it, and nothing worked. I couldn't even manually tune the TV- it would just stay on the channel it was already on when I entered 21.1, 21.2, etc. So, I would monkey with the antenna and re-scan the digital channels about 10 times a day, hoping I would eventually find WXXI. Last night, I found it and all of the subchannels! I wish I knew what was different last night so I could help you all out, but honestly, I have no idea- I didn't even touch the antenna before I scanned this time. One interesting point of note though- the amplification was turned on and at its highest level, and not sure if this matters at all, but it was around 1:00 AM when I found it. Also fwiw, we have a TERK TV5 antenna.

Digital TV Signal Reception

Hello All,
We live in Palmyra and can get good reception with an amplified indoor antenna which has rabbit ears and a fully rotating UHF circle BUT each station requires a particular positioning. WXXI requires the most experimentation, and seems best when the rabbit ears and the rotating uhf circle are parallel to the floor.
Unfortunately our TV doesn't indicate whether we're getting a better or a worse signal while we are experimenting;
The picture is either excellent or we have a black screen.

Update and a ? for Kent

The TERK TV5 is still great, but is it ever touchy. Argh! We're constantly changing it for every channel. When it "locks in," it's great, but it's just a matter of getting it there, and you had better want to watch the same channel for a long time. My daughter has an RCA ANT1500 non-amplified antenna, and just for the heck of it I tried it out, and I'm in love! ALL digital channels and subchannels come in beautifully with very little occasional interference, w/o ever having to change the antenna's position and one less plug to worry about. And as a bonus, I now fully understand the concept of directional vs omnidirectional antennas. It doesn't look like your traditional antennae- it is a flat panel, about the size of a sheet of notebook paper and about an inch thick. You can put it just about anywhere- lying down flat, upright on its edge, or hang it on the wall- you can even paint it to match your decor. Ours is in the window- ah, the beauty of living near the lake.

There is also a model with a removable amplifier (RCA ANT1550), which leads me to my question for you, Kent. I am, without a doubt, buying this antenna, and while I know I obviously don't need the amplification, I was thinking of buying the one with the removable amplifier, because well, you never know, right? Now, logic would dictate that the 1550 is exactly the same as the 1500 and just modified to accept the amplifier, but I know sometimes logic doesn't always have the upper hand, and I really don't want to buy the 1550 only to find out that there is a teeny tiny difference that will make it not as good as the 1500. To the best of your knowledge, is the 1550 w/o the amplifier attached the exact same thing as the 1500?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for your previous help, as well.

WXXI DTV signal

We live in Williamson and receive no usable WXXI DTV signal here.
Don't expect contribution to PBS if you don't send the signal our way. We do get acceptable DTV signals from all the other Rochester stations but not WXXI what gives???


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If you press the menu or setup on your converter box remote you can select the antenna option, and that will tell you how strong or weak your signal is. Your categorization of the other signals as "acceptable" suggest the signals may be weaker than they should be, which could result in occasional pixelation. The first recommendation is that you rotate you antenna for the best positioning. Furthermore, some converter boxes allow you to improve your signal strength (the manual would tell if your converter box offers that option), and because this sounds like a reception issue, WXXI recommends a few indoor antennas, namely the Terk HDTVi or TV4 (which can be found at Rowe Photos) or the Phillips PHDTV3 (which can be ordered online at -- neither which should cost you more than 30 dollars. If you have any more questions you may call the DTV Hotline at 1-866-348-9994.

We live in Ontario just

We live in Ontario just across from Webster,have a new digital TV and a remote control high mount outdoor antenna. We recieve every DT channel with excellent picture quality, except for 21.There is no digital 21 signal availabe at all,manual or auto scanning,only analog.There is nothing wrong at our end.I believe WXXI has a signal transmission issue and won't fess up to it.No siganal,no contribution,see ya.


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Areas around Webster, which includes Webster, have had issues receiving channel 21 and, at times, channel 10. You could certainly try punching in the digital channel for 21, which is 16, and then try to reposition your antenna. Your UHF band may not be large enough, which could be alleviated by adding a larger aerial and/or moving the antenna slightly. If you have any more questions you may call the digital hotline at 1-866-348-9994.

WXXI in Williamson

I too, do not receive WXXI digital here in Williamson. 8, 10, 13 are fine. I even get Syracuse PBS if I rotate my antenna. But no 21. Why do I believe this is a station problem. I am using an outdoor antenna on a rotor with an amplifier.

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