Met Opera in HD- Rodelinda

Met Opera in HD- Rodelinda

Sat, 12/03/2011 - 12:30pm - 4:30pm

Met Opera in HD presents Rodelinda at Tinseltown, Henrietta Staduim 18, Eastview Mall 13 and Webster 12.

The Metropolitan Opera will present eleven theater presentations this season. Metropolitan Opera Live in HD continues Saturday, December 3, 2011 at  12:30 p.m. with Handel's Rodelinda. The opera is sung in Italian with Met titles in English. Order your tickets at or at the theater of your choice. U.S. Encore: January 4, 2012 at 6:30 pm local time.

The radio broadcast season of the Met Opera begins December 3rd at 1 p.m. on Classical 91.5. But you can hear opera every Saturday afternoon on WXXI-FM. Currently we're running the San Francisco Opera, which ends October 15. The Houston Grand Opera picks up where the SF Opera broadcasts left off with Strauss' Ariadne Auf Naxos on Saturday, October 22.

Sensational in the 2004 Met premiere of Stephen Wadsworth’s much-heralded production, Renée Fleming reprises the title role. She’s joined by Stephanie Blythe and countertenor Andreas Scholl, and Baroque specialist Harry Bicket conducts.


Rodelinda, Composed by: George Frideric Handel

Milan and the surrounding countryside, early 18th century. Bertarido, King of Lombardy and Milan, has been deposed by Grimoaldo and is presumed dead, while his queen, Rodelinda, and their young son, Flavio, have been left behind. Grimoaldo is engaged to Bertarido’s sister, Eduige. Marrying her would grant him a legitimate claim to the throne, by she has so far resisted his attempts, claiming she is still mourning her brother. Meanwhile Bertarido, who spread the rumor of his own death to gain time, plans to return to Milan in disguise to rescue his wife and son. Grimoaldo, resolved to become king, weighs his options, counseled by his confidant, Garibaldo, and Unulfo, a member of Bertarido’s cabinet who is the only person who knows that Bertarido lives.

Act I
Rodelinda and her son are being held in the palace in Milan. When Grimoaldo appears to announce his wish to marry her, thereby gaining the throne, the outraged Rodelinda refuses him. Eduige is appalled by Grimoaldo’s behavior and reminds him of his vow, but he, though still in love with her, now rejects her just as she rejected him before. Furious, and encouraged by a declaration of love from Garibaldo, Eduige resolves to see Grimoaldo brought down. Left alone, Garibaldo reveals that he is merely using Eduige to further his own ambitions for the throne.

Bertarido arrives at the memorial built in his honor, disguised as a soldier. His reunion with the loyal Unulfo is interrupted by the appearance of Rodelinda and Flavio. Bertarido and Unulfo hide. Garibaldo arrives with an ultimatum from Grimoaldo: if Rodelinda refuses to marry the usurper, her son will die. Defeated, Rodelinda is forced to agree and rushes off with Flavio. Bertarido is dismayed at her apparent betrayal. Unulfo’s attempts to console him are useless.

Act II
At the palace, Garibaldo reveals Grimoaldo’s marriage plans to Eduige. He again offers his services in exchange for her hand but realizes from her uncertain response that she may still be in love with Grimoaldo. Rodelinda appears with Flavio and reassures Eduige that her son’s future is her greatest concern. Eduige wonders how Rodelinda can accept the traitor Grimoaldo’s hand. Her love for him has turned to hate. She leaves and Grimoaldo enters with Garibaldo and Unulfo. Rodelinda presents Grimoaldo with an ultimatum of her own: she will marry him if he personally kills her son before her eyes—she can never be the wife of a usurper while still the mother of a rightful king. Her gamble works and the shocked Grimoaldo backs down. Garibaldo and Unulfo are left alone. Garibaldo considers what he sees as Grimoaldo’s weakness and states that power must be seized and ensured at any cost. Unulfo resolves to tell Bertarido of his wife’s fidelity.

Eduige meets the wandering Bertarido, overjoyed to find him alive. Unulfo appears and assures Bertarido that Rodelinda has not betrayed him, while Eduige promises to help him rescue his family. Unulfo goes off and returns with Rodelinda. The reunion of husband and wife is interrupted by the appearance of Grimoaldo. Never having seen Bertarido, he is enraged to find Rodelinda with what he thinks is a lover. At this, Bertarido reveals his identity, but Rodelinda, ready to sacrifice her reputation to save his life, says he is lying. Grimoaldo declares that whoever his rival may be he will die and leaves the couple to say their final goodbye.

Eduige and Unulfo plan Bertarido’s escape from prison. When Unulfo has left, Eduige wonders if this good deed can undo her previous crimes. Garibaldo advises Grimoaldo to kill Bertarido right away, but Grimoaldo hesitates, caught between feelings of fear, suspicion, love, and remorse.

The imprisoned Bertarido laments his fate but is reassured when a weapon is dropped through the bars of his cell. Hearing someone approaching, he assumes he is about to be executed and strikes out at the intruder—who turns out to be Unulfo. Even though wounded, Unulfo manages to get the remorseful Bertarido out by a secret escape route. Rodelinda, who has insisted on rescuing Bertarido herself, arrives with Eduige. Finding only Unulfo’s bloodstained coat, she fears the worst.

Grimoaldo, still tormented by his crimes, acknowledges his cruelty and guilt. Exhausted, he falls asleep. Garibaldo enters and is about to assassinate him when Bertarido appears and kills Garibaldo. He then challenges Grimoaldo to take his revenge on his rescuer. Unulfo and Eduige enter and confess their part in Bertarido’s escape. In gratitude, Grimoaldo restores wife, child, and throne to the rightful king and renews his promise of marriage to Eduige, who forgives him. All celebrate the prospect of a happier future.