Front Page in Black and White

I am tucking the front page of today's Democrat & Chronicle into that box in the back of my closet - the one with clippings of birth announcements, kindergarten art work, and dance recital programs.  The box that will one day be handed down to my children, and then their children.  The box that will remind them how far they have come, and what they have left behind.

Decades from now, they will pull it out and see the headline "OBAMA WINS," the big photo of Barack and Michelle Obama, and the banner that reads "America Elects First African-American President"  The page will undoubtedly be yellowed and the photograph less vibrant, a relic of unfamiliar times.  Times when race mattered.  Hopefully, future generations will see how far they have come.

They will also see the 13 small photographs lined up across the bottom of the page.  The beaming photos of our newly elected or re-elected Congressional and State representatives.  All but two (Louise Slaughter and Susan John) are white men - hardly representative of our community, which is rich in diversity if you look for it.  This, I hope, is something future generations leave behind.