Bruise Increases Brainpower

My first mistake was standing up in the little tiny jet that took us to Dulles for our flight to Munich. I copped a bump on my noggin that required the cabin attendant to supply ice to reduce the swelling. I had this misfortune as I entered the plane in Rochester. It was mostly uphill from there. We made it to Dulles about twenty minutes ahead of time, piloted by a couple of young fellers who looked like they might still be in college. After an uneventful stay at Dulles, we took off about an hour late because an instrument in the plane indicated that the switch from external to internal cabin air-conditioning wasn't working. Turned out to be a problem with the indicater, but it took several techicians to figure it out. Still, we had a good tailwind and arrived in Munich with time to spare. After a couple of misplaced bags turned up, we were ushered onto our Collette coach and headed for Salzburg through the Bavarian countryside, with a backdrop of snow-dusted mountains and the foreground filled with Swiss-looking houses and farms. First impression of Salzburg is of a town in transition. We'll be concentrating on the old town later, but as we entered, I noticed a lot of buildings--mostly of the communist-inspired style of concrete high-rises--giving the outskirts of town kind of a bombed-out appearance. We were able to check into the Renaissance Hotel a little before noon and so far we've been very impressed with our room and the hotel in general. It's five-to-one pm here--five-to-seven your time, and I'm tired and ready for a nap. (Got about three fitful hours on the plane and it gave me great joy to look down on London just before dawn as we skimmed by at about six hundred miles-per-hour! I'll have some pictures in my next offering.



HI Simon and Christy!! I

HI Simon and Christy!!
I hope you are having fun!!! I'm following on the blog.
Take care.

It's been a long time since

It's been a long time since we've been in Salzburg (pre-kids/17yrs. ago) but it seems like yesterday.
Please share the joy... and the details. We weren't there long enough!
Hope you're having the adventure of a lifetime.
Ellen & John