Earning Your Support

For everyone who became a new member or renewed his/her membership during this past week's Radio Pledge Drive — let me send out my heartfelt thanks! It's because of your support that we met a very aggressive goal that helps stabilize our local funding at a time when State and Federal funding continues to wain. It is also with your support that we are able to continue serving our community with the programming that you obviously value.
In fact, WXXI hasn't even taken a moment to rest as upcoming reports, specials and performances are already underway. Our WXXI News team is busy outlining their plans for covering the State of the County address. We will be airing it live Wednesday, May 23 on AM 1370 as well as providing analysis and response in our reports on Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Need to Know Rochester. On Tuesday, May 29, Classical 91.5 host Julia Figueras welcomes nationally acclaimed violist Kim Kashkashian and members of the Eastman School of Music's Viola faculty to perform live in our studios on Backstage Pass. Add to that the Merit Scholarship Winners in Recital on Live from Hochstein, this Wednesday at noon, ongoing reports from the Innovation Trail, plus an array of live musical guests on Open Tunings — and you can already see your membership dollars at work!
We are proud to serve the Greater Rochester community and we work to earn your support every day. Thank you again for your investment in WXXI!