DINOSAUR TRAIN – Gone Fishing Week WXXI Kids Summer Reading Program

DINOSAUR TRAIN – Gone Fishing Week WXXI Kids Summer Reading Program

Mon, 07/16/2012 - 9:30am - Fri, 07/20/2012 - 2:30pm

During DINOSAUR TRAIN's "Gone Fishing Week" July 16-20 on PBS KIDS, Mr. Pteranodon teaches the kids his fishing method and Buddy and Tiny work together as a team to catch fish in the Big Pond.


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DINOSAUR TRAIN “Gone Fishing Week” kicks off on July 16 at 9:30am and 2:00pm on WXXI-TV 21.1 Cable 11/1011 with the following episodes:

The Pteranadon family loves to fish! This week includes 5 fishing episodes.

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Episode Descriptions:

DINOSAUR TRAIN “Gone Fishing Week” – Starts July 16: 9:30 am & 2:00 pm


“Dry Times at Pteranodon Terrace/Big Misty Sea Fishing Contest” – July 16

When the weather has been extremely dry for several weeks, all the water holes at Pteranodon Terrace dry up.  The Lambeosaurus family decides to move away in search of water, which upsets the kids. Dad and Mom decide to take the kids to the Big Pond on a camping trip, where they will wait out the drought and return home when it rains again. Don doesn't want to leave his home, even temporarily, and decides to perfect a "rain dance" that will make the rain return.


Big City Dad learns that he's been chosen to compete in the big annual Fishing Contest at the Big Misty Sea, and is one of three contestants. The whole family rides there on the Dinosaur Train to cheer Dad on. They learn that the contestants are Dad, the Old Spinosaurus, and Dad's childhood friend and rival, a huge raptor named Marco Megaraptor. The three all end up fighting over Chester, the legendary biggest fish in the Big Misty Sea.


“Armored Like an Ankylosaurus/Campout!" – July 17

The kids travel on the Dinosaur Train with Mr. Pteranodon to see his hero, Hank Ankylosaurus, play a game of Dinoball. Afterwards, they even get to play with Hank and learn what it's like to be a dinosaur that's covered with armored plates and a mighty club for a tail.


Our Pteranodon family goes to the Big Pond for their first overnight camp out and meets a small frog with a big voice


“Valley of the Stygimolochs/Tiny Loves Fish" – July 18

Buddy wonders if he'll grow horns when he gets older, so Mrs. Pteranodon takes him to visit some dinosaurs called Stygimoloch, who have really impressive horns.


After Mr. Pteranodon teaches the kids his fishing method, Buddy and Tiny work together as a team to catch fish in the Big Pond.


"The Old Spinosaurus & the Sea/A Spiky Tail Tale"  - July 19

Dad takes the kids on the Dinosaur Train to fish in a new place, where they meet a huge, grumpy old dinosaur, called a Spinosaurus, that doesn't want the kids in his Sea. Eventually the kids befriend him, and they teach each other their own unique way to catch fish.


Buddy and Tiny help settle an argument between Morris Stegosaurus and Alvin Allosaurus, two very big dinosaurs - one with a very spiky tail, the other with a mouthful of sharp teeth.


“Elmer Elasmosaurus/Dinosaur Block Party” – July 20

The Pteranodon family travels on the Dinosaur Train with the Aquacar to an underwater train station to transport Elmer Elasmosaurus back to his home in the ocean. At first Buddy is not enthusiastic about travelling underwater, but quickly becomes a convert when he sees the spectacular sights under the sea.


The Pteranodon family hosts a block party to introduce their new neighbors, the Lambeosaurus family, to all the other neighborhood creatures. The different species all join together to fly, dive, fish, race and especially, to rock the block!