Mount Hope Cemetery

You may be surprised to know that seventh on's list of places to go in Rochester is Mount Hope Cemetery. Longtime members of the Rochester community are well aware of Mount Hope's history, while those new to Rochester may only know that Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglas were put to rest there. But the story of Mount Hope goes much deeper — and on Thursday, March 14 at 9:30 p.m. WXXI provides you opportunity to discover — or re-discover — this local treasure with its new documentary, A Walk Through History in Mount Hope Cemetery.

The magnificent 196-acre piece of land, with its lofty hills and picturesque valleys, features mausoleums, Egyptian obelisks, Florentine cast-iron fountains, and infinitely varied tombstones marking 350,000 graves. WXXI shares the history behind the cemetery, the people buried there, the symbolism behind the monuments, and much more. Part park, part museum of history you will see Mount Hope as never before.