Snow and Happiness

I really had no decided direction for today's Education blog- I took a "something will inspire me" approach (which is so not like me) and have been justly rewarded with two themes: snow and happiness. Clearly, the snow needs no explanation unless you're reading this from somewhere where it's not still snowing. As for happiness, after reading Brenda Tremblay's blog, it made me think about the things that make people happy. Hence, snow and happiness.

Happiness first. Tis the season to give gifts. Whether it be Hanukkah, Christmas or any holiday, gifts do not always equal happiness. After reading Brenda's blog about the Happiness Meme (see recent blog posts) I considered the question- what would be on other people's lists of things that make them happy? Giving thought to this question has certainly provided some clarity for me in creating my holiday gift list.

My God-daughter Sara's 3rd birthday comes to mind. This was the first birthday that Sara really understood that inside the packages were things that were for her- she was literally glowing and bouncing in anticipation of opening her gifts. One particular gift bag contained several sheets of colorful tissue paper in addition to some clothes and toys. Sara tore out the tissue paper, held it up high and declared in her oh-so-earnest voice, "Ooohhhh, I love's so cute!" Tissue paper. Not only did the paper bring her lots of joy, those of us watching her open presents tell the story at each of Sara's birthdays and it always brings a smile to our faces. Ask me what else was in that bag and I have no idea.

Ask the kids that you know what makes them happy- the answers may surprise you. For really little kids, the purity of their responses are not only a pleasure, but provide insight into who they are starting to be. Frank discussions with older kids are often difficult, but asking them what makes them happy could provide you with some unexpected, yet honest responses. Ask someone that you know, kid or adult, what makes them happy- you may be surprised, humbled or intrigued by what they say.

On to snow. I had planned on giving a list of fun things to do in the snow but in an effort to follow my own advice, I encourage you to make your own list of things to do. Ask your kids- what would they like to do in the snow? If they are stuck for ideas, by all means suggest, but their idea of fun may be something different as well as refreshingly simple and fun. If you're really stuck for ideas, check out for some classic and creative snow activities.

For the upcoming week, I wish you lots of fun in the snow and hope that you experience and create happiness.



I've been thinking about

I've been thinking about this lately. My kids are WAY better at having fun that I am.