A do-it-yourself diva--and she's normal to boot!

"I'd abolish all music competitions. People should be judged on their merits, not against other people. And I'd like to dispel the myth that high art is snobbish – it just needs a bit of effort on both sides."  With sentiment like that, this diva clearly has her feet firmly rooted on the ground.
 This is an amazing story.  Sarah Connolly, an outstanding British mezzo soprano, has a world-class voice and talent. Yet she shuns major record labels, puts out her own recordings (with her own hard work), and clearly states that her 6-year-old daughter is the primary focus of her life.  
What a refreshing breath of fresh air to see and hear such an outstanding artist who is so, well, normal!  She makes one wonder how well other famous classical musicians would fare on their own without the safety net of the record label, makeup artist, managers, and promoters.
Here she is doing what she does best: the "pants role" of Guilio Cesare in Handel's work of the same name: