Two sides of the opera coin

 Young people hate opera.  No, no--young people totally dig opera!  Whatever: young people should like opera because it's good for them.  You're all wrong: opera's just completely dead.
I ran across two differing views on young people and opera this morning.  One says that opera is more like an acquired taste that one comes to appreciate later in life.  To that I say, "hmm."  Another says that opera is perfect for teenagers because it is full of drama and excitement.  To which I muttered, "meh."
Why must we debate whether or not opera--or classical music--is likely to be enjoyed by one group of people or not?  Why can we not just make the music we love as accessible and good as we can?  I'm starting to get tired of people saying who can and/or should and/or would likely enjoy classical music.  How about we just do it the best we can in as many places we can--and with the best and most down-to-earth attitude we can--and see who comes around?
Leave a comment.  Well, if you're between the ages of 18 and 34 you'll probably do that anyway, because that means you're more likely to enjoy blog-comment-leaving according to an arbitrary set of out-of-context numbers I heard about once from this one guy...
The writer of the Washington Post piece to which I linked yesterday has written some more thoughts, inspired by a poster on her blog.  I must say, I agree wholeheartedly with her latest blog, which can I think safely be summed up along these lines: "we need audiences period, not specifically young audiences."  Right on!



Chris, my aunt and uncle are opera singers. You can visit my uncle's page here:

I thought the concept of accelerated opera would be interesting. For example, instead of a character singing the utter hatred he has for his enemy, he could just open fire and be rid of him. Or, if you have to spend 7 minutes singing to the audience about how Brunhilde must abide in the ring of fire, why not just heave her in the general direction of the fireplace? And the swordfighting could be expedited too-no more sung insults, just two people with Tazers.

Philip Fillion

As a huge fan of dumbing

As a huge fan of dumbing things down, I couldn't agree more.  Yes, there must be some way to boil down at least a couple hours of "The Ring" into an upbeat dance tune with the words "don't tase me, bro" chanted over and over again by a Greek chorus as Wotan (clad in a Hell's Angels jacket) gleefully tasers Don Giovanni (who got there through a hole in the space/time continuum after his Flux Capacitor malfunctioned on his way to Alderaan).

We could make millions.  Of opera fans angry.  But still, it'd be funny.