Time Warner Digital Cable Channel Changes

Time Warner Digital Cable Channel Changes

Starting October 15 WXXI-TV will have a new location

If you're a Time Warner Digital Cable customer, you'll find WXXI channels in a new location. 

Time Warner Cable has announced that it will reconfigure its digital channel line-up effective October 15th. If you're a cable customer in Monroe County, you'll find our channels here:

Visit the WXXI-tv page.

Visit the WXXI World page.

Visit the WXXI Create page.

Please note: In addition to WXXI-TV being on TWC 1221,
you'll still find us on TWC 11.

If you live outside Monroe County, the channel locations vary from county to county. Click here to find WXXI channels in your county. For questions or concerns about these changes, please contact Time Warner Cable at (585) 756-5000.

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Download the WXXI Channel Guide

Interested in free TV?

We'd just like to mention that we recently installed a new antenna, which has increased our power and extended our reach. If you're looking for a free, easy to use option to getting your favorite PBS and WXXI shows -- consider over-the-air. With an HD set or an SD set with a DTV converter box, you can have access to WXXI-TV at 21.1, WXXI-WORLD at 21.2, and WXXI-CREATE at 21.3 for free. Not to mention, you'll have access to more than 25 other channels.