Summer Reading for Kids: 10"Top" Lists

Summer is almost (finally) here for students and many parents, babysitters and teachers may be asking themselves in a frenzied tone, "What are my kids going to DO all summer??"
To please all of the aforementioned groups of adults, READING is an entertaining, affordable and adaptable activity that can help occupy even the most wiley of children during the summer.  Best of all, books can accompany kids to the beach, on a long car ride, to the back yard or anywhere that their summer adventures may take them.
So, here are 10 lists of best books for kids to check out this summer:
-most distinguished book(s) published in English for beginning readers
-great graphic novels for children of all ages
The Los Angeles Times, best Young Adult and Picture Books of 2008
-includes several genres, from poetry to biography to folklore
-best audiobooks for children and/or young adults
-67 stand out children/YA books selected from 5000 reviewed books
-surprising, inspiring and outstanding titles for youngsters and the grownups that read to them
Enjoy exploring and happy reading!