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Let's be honest: spelling's hard.  If you're in second grade.  For a record company though, one would think this may not be the case.  But one would be dead wrong.
You see, I am made quite sad today: the release of a disc I have been anticipating for a long time has been delayed because someone forgot to spell-check the cover.  The folks over at Nonesuch Records made a big boo-boo on the cover art for the upcoming release of John Adams' "Dr. Atomic Symphony," a new instrumental work based on music from his latest opera of the same name.  They actually managed to incorrectly spell the name of the conductor of the St. Louis Symphony...  So now, we must wait more to enjoy this great piece of music on disc.  Until then, here are some snippets on YouTube: 


Fritz Reiner

Chris, You referred to the CSO recording as mid 80's.

Reiner died in 1963......

Hopefully, you meant that was the year they transferred the CD from the original.

Or, do you owe me two beers !

AH!  A silly mistake, and

AH!  A silly mistake, and well-caught.  The disc was from 1985, but upon closer inspection, the recording was indeed much older.  Thanks for the catch, Mike!  A beer may still be owed nonetheless... 


Chris Van Hof

WXXI-FM Afternoon Host


Fritz & the CSO

Understood Chris, it can happen to anyone. I haven't looked at the CD-Recording in mention, however; I suspect it was probably recorded in the middle 50's under RCA.
I do enjoy your show and appreciate your programing. That's why I listen :)