Ted Nicolosi and Shared Genes

"Ted Nicolosi & Shared Genes", the shared genes is Ted's dad, Sam, took time to visit our studio Friday. Ted, a senior at McQuaid Jesuit, began playing guitar at 5, and was in coffee shops performing by age 9. He had the great, or daunting, rare opportunity to play a couple of his original songs for Tommy Emmanuel. Ted now includes a few Tommy Emmanuel arrangents in his own repertoire, incredibly skilled and intricate performances, two of which he performed live on the radio.
Shared Genes performs songs by The Beatles, The Ventures, and Acoustic Alchemy. Two Acoustic Alchemy songs were also included in their radio performance, included here.
To listen to this interview online, just click on the audio attachment below, or see two performances recorded in the studio here:
Shared Genes Interview Audio27.55 MB



I first saw SHARED GENES open for ACOUSTIC ALCHEMY at "Milestones" when Ted was only 13. They blew me away! Father and son were fabulous then, and just seem to get better and better as Ted grows up!

When they're famous nationally, they're going to make Rochester proud!!