Humankind: The Search For Well Being

Humankind: The Search For Well Being

Sun, 03/16/2014 - 9:00pm

Beyond the political clash - and the Affordable Care Act's rocky start - the focus is shifting to the quality of health care. What's it like for patients seeking treatment in a medical setting that most people feel is too rushed? What are the challenges for doctors and nurses who work in this system? And what is the role of patients in optimizing their own health - at a time when three-fourths of U.S. medical costs relate to our lifestyle behaviors (diet, exercise, stress management, smoking)? The Search for Well-Being, a two-part series airing Sundays, March 16 and 23 at 9 p.m. on AM 1370,looks at these questions and at emerging trends

The series will address:

  • The rise of "integrative health" clinics at many major hospitals, aiming to treat the whole person, including cost-saving, low-tech, natural techniques - some of which are covered by the new health care law
  • How doctors and nurses work to improve communication with patients to foster a healing rapport
  • Changes in medical education to train a new wave of health professionals sensitive to lifestyle factors and the whole patient

Part one, airing Sunday, March 16, explains integrative medicine and how it can transform the relationship between patients and their doctors and nurses. Part two, aring Sunday, March 23, looks at fascinating developments in health care education to prepare a new wave of professionals for integrative practice.