sheep's guts

Welcome to our first International Reader! Bruce Leslie is a friend and visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge. The SUNY history professor is also a devoted fan of WXXI hosts Simon Pontin and Richard Gladwell. In a recent e-mail, Bruce writes that he was streaming Richard’s show “With Heart and Voice” on Sunday morning, and he sent a picture of his residence in East Anglia with an 11th century Saxon church in the background. Inside the church, he says, is a plaque to the American airmen from the nearby base who died during World War II.

Greetings to you, Bruce, from Our Little Town where last night the sixth graders put on a holiday concert in the Middle School Auditorium. In the middle of the Sixth Grade Orchestra’s performance of "The Nutcracker March,” the guy (a father?) sitting in front of me pulled out a hand-held Playstation to help pass the time, proving that Americans are the most dedicated multi-taskers on the planet. Is it not strange that sheep's guts should hale gaming devices out of men's bodies?



Sheep's Guts

Many thanks Brenda - it feels great to have the England - WXXI connection in the Holiday Season. Before streaming, Christmas in England meant missing all my favorite WXXI shows - which rubbed salt into the wound of being away.
I will be only about 60 miles east of Cambridge on Christmas Eve, but would have to queue up from morning to get into "Festival of Nine Lessons and Caroles". So I will listen on BBC and then hear it again on WXXI. I am privileged to attend Evensong regularly which is magical in the winter with no light except the choristers' candles.
You may be interested that in the last five or so years, American style house decorating has spread through England. It is still a minority sport, but growing rapidly.
So glad that Simon's and Richard's and your voices will be with me in an English village over the Christmas Season.