WXXI Regents Review 2.0 - 2014 On-Demand

WXXI Regents Review 2.0 - 2014 On-Demand


Regents Review 2.0 is a series of test-prep programs for high school students who plan to take New York State Regents exams in the June of 2014. View on the Web

View Programs on the Web at: http://www.regentsreviewny.net/

Airing from 5:00-6:00 pm on WXXI TV 21.1/Cable 11/1011:
Monday, May 5th at 5pm               #101      Algebra I (Common Core)
Tuesday, May 6th at 5pm               #102      English Language Arts (Common Core)
Wednesday, May 7th at 5pm       #103      U.S. History & Government
Thursday, May 8th at 5pm             #104      Living Environment
Friday, May 9th at 5pm                   #105      Global History & Geography
Monday, May 12th at 5pm            #106      Algebra 2/Trigonometry
Tuesday, May 13th at 5pm            #107      Physical Setting/Earth
Wednesday, May 14th at 5pm     #108      Geometry
Thursday, May 15th at 5pm           #109      Physical Setting/Physics
Friday, May 16th at 5pm                 #110      Physical Setting/Chemistry


Watch programs on-demand & exam schedule and study resources at: www.regentsreviewny.net




For residents of the City of Rochester ONLY, City 12 also broadcasts the Regents Review: See City 12 Schedule and details