Wednesday Mystery piece

Congratulations to Susan in Alfred and Bob listening in Rochester.  They identified Wednesday’s mystery piece, a suite of waltzes by one of the most remarkable composers of the 20th century.  He “ran the gamut of styles without losing his own,” writes cellist David Moore. 


Sergei Prokofiev’s Waltz Suite No. 2 takes a turn at the end.  The last number, "Midnight," presents one of his darkest waltzes. It is taken from the ballet Cinderella, when she dances with the Prince as midnight approaches. The composer skips the part about the clock striking 12 and the dramatic flight. Instead, Prokofiev gives us a happy ending.


Tomorrow at 6:40 a.m., you’ll hear a work which conductors, dancers, and audiences thought was too hard to dance to. Thanks for listening. Send your guesses to [email protected].