An evening with Ken Burns and Geoffrey C. Ward at the Dryden Theatre

An evening with Ken Burns and Geoffrey C. Ward at the Dryden Theatre

Fri, 08/13/2010 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm

George Eastman House welcomes filmmaker Ken Burns and his longtime writing partner, Geoffrey C. Ward, to the Dryden Theatre on Friday, August 13th.

The Eastman House Aug. 13 event "An Evening with Ken Burns and Geoffrey C. Ward” is SOLD OUT!

Tickets for this event were not scheduled to go on sale to the general public until Thursday, July 22. However, the pre-sale of tickets to members was so effective, the event has sold out in advance of the public sale.

Burns and Ward will offer an insider's look at their artistic approaches and processes, as they talk about advancing an idea into an award-winning film. Burns and Ward will also receive the George Eastman Medal of Honor for significant contributions to cultural and racial awareness through their filmmaking. After the talk and award ceremony, Burns and Ward will sign books and DVDs.
Tickets go on sale for WXXI members only on July 8, for a discounted rate of $20. Tickets to the general public go on sale July 22. Please have your member number ready. If you need your member number please call the WXXI Member Hotline at (585) 258-0200.

Tickets for the event may be purchased at the Eastman House's Lipson Welcome Center; by calling (585) 271-3361 ext. 218; or online at, beginning July 8.
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If you missed it, watch it here:






An evening with Ken Burns and Geoffrey Ward

I realize that the event is sold out. Is there any possibility of changing the location so that more people may be able to participate in this wonderful opportunity?

I understand that the Dryden theater is a unique location, and using highlights the treasure that we have in the George Eastman House, but this is obviously an event that more people would like to enjoy.

I do realize that as a member of WXXI, I could have ordered tickets two weeks ago-- but then someone else would not be attending instead of us.

Thank you for all of the opportunities that WXXI brings to Rochester.

In response to Donna's comment

Thank you for your comments. "An Evening with Ken Burns and Geoffrey Ward" is a George Eastman House event. Our connection to the event is only that the films that Burns and Ward have produced -- all premiered on WXXI-TV, and that's why Eastman House was happy to partner with WXXI to offer our members advanced ticket sales.

We wish that more people could attend this special evening, and we are sorry you couldn't get tickets.

If you would like to contact George Eastman House, you can go to their website:

Will you be airing any of

Will you be airing any of their films soon, such as "Seeing, Searching, Being" with William Segal?