POV "Salt" on WXXI-TV

POV "Salt" on WXXI-TV

Tue, 08/17/2010 - 10:00pm
Lake Eyre in Australia.

Credit: Murray Fredericks

Remarkable photos and video diary of the boundless, desolate yet beautiful salt flats in South Australia.

POV "Salt" airs Tuesday, August 17 at 10 p.m. on WXXI-TV (DT21.1/cable 11/cable 1011).

In his search for “somewhere I could point my camera into pure space,” award-winning photographer Murray Fredericks began making annual solo camping trips to remote Lake Eyre and its salt flats in South Australia. These trips have yielded remarkable photos of a boundless, desolate yet beautiful environment where sky, water and land merge. Made in collaboration with documentary filmmaker Michael Angus, “SALT” is the film extension of Fredericks’ work at Lake Eyre, interweaving his photos and video diary with time-lapse sequences to offer viewers the liberating and disorienting experience of being thrown into an infinite dimension of mind and spirit.

A selection of shorts: “A Healing Art,” “Danny and Annie, Part I” and “Danny and Annie, Part II.”

Nothing can make up for the loss of an eye, but as shown in Ellen Frick’s “A Healing Art,” artificial eye makers Christy Erickson and Todd Cranmore combine artistry, skill and compassion to rekindle hope for their patients and families. In addition, the award-winning StoryCorps team brings documentary animations celebrating the best and most powerful stories that have emerged from the StoryCorps archive. Animated by Mike and Tim Rauch and using original StoryCorps audio recordings, these short films capture the intimate and emotionally resonant conversations that have become renowned as NPR’s quintessential “driveway moments.”

“Danny and Annie, Part I”
Brooklyn natives Danny and Annie Perasa reminisce about their 27-year love affair. When Danny talks about his love for Annie, it’s obvious that he is one of the world’s great romantics.

“Danny and Annie, Part II”
After nearly three decades of marriage, fatal illness dashed Danny and Annie’s hopes for a long life together. In an intimate and heartbreaking glimpse into a marriage, this animated short observes true love as it braves the finality of loss.