Safety is a priority for the Rochester City School District. The Board of Education recently appointed a Director of Security Operations to oversee security personnel and implement security procedures.



Am I Really Safe

I school a couple of days ago someone brought 3 stink bombs to school. As I sit there and smell the unpleasent smell I wonder how did the person who planted the stink get that past the security guards and metal detectors. So if someone was able to plant a stink bomb in the school can you emagine what else they can bring that can not only indanger our nose but body and life.

Am I really safe

Am I really safe


You make a great point. Many of our sentries are conscientious and do a difficult job under difficult circumstances but there is a need to professionalize the force. Our new Safety Director’s experience in police science will help us get there. Also, as part of our safety audits, we will be reviewing all entry and exit procedures at schools. Our audits (starting in late February) will start with schools showing the greatest need in terms of safety.

Thanks for the question and best for the rest of the school year.