Students are required to have at least 93% attendance in each class, but the board of education has identified truancy as a significant problem.



reading levels

Many students in the Rochester City Schools perform two or more levels below in reading, yet the district has removed certified reading teachers, from their schools. What will you do to assist students who are not reading at grade level?

Knock on some doors

I think home visits to each child who has been out for over 2 days and phone calls home on day 1....If their family doesn't answer the door or the phone.... call CPS....We need to treat every child as if they were our own children...My husband and I know where our children are every moment and if one day we thought they were at school and they weren't...PLEASE call 911....Their safety might be in jeopardy. Why would you wait?
If teachers or administrators are "leery" of going into the neighborhoods they teach in, then they need to move on to different schools in different neighborhoods.