The best 100 classical recordings...again...

 I heard a little feature by Frank DeFord on Morning Edition today that announced the beginning of sports' Ratings Season.  He's referring to college football and basketball's infatuation with weekly rankings, and how they really don't bear a whole lot of importance.  Right on cue, this list appeard from London's Telegraph ranking the 100 Best Classical Recordings.  

Check out the list and see what you think!  We happen to have a lot of these in our library, and I think it might be fun to start programming one of these a day...
The only thing that caught me off guard was the British section.  Being the Telegraph, they're of course going to have an entirely British section, but I thought they glossed over a lot of great British composer by focusing numerous suggestions on Vaughan Williams (who, admitedly, is one of my favorites) and Elgar.  Oh well.  
Otherwise, I think I like the list.  Leave your thoughts below.



Invaluable resource of classical recordings at WXXI

This is not so much about the list of top 100 classical CDs, but it is about the wonderful classical library at WXXI. 
The library of classical recordings at WXXI is amazing - I've always known that.  But this week, I had a real example of just how amazing and valuable this resource is.  On Saturday afternoon we broadcast a piece by Galuppi, which a listener called wanting to purchase.  After a significant amount of searching, I discovered that the CD in the WXXI library is now out of print.  I did however find one "used" copy on -- it was priced at $928.25, used!  And that's just one of the out of print CDs that WXXI is lucky enough to have in our fabulous library -- all available for your listening pleasure.  So, never know if the piece you hear on 91.5 will be able to be heard again.