Oh, Mississippi

It's Super Tuesday. Ever media website imaginable has an abundance of election coverage stories, specials and live coverage and what article catches my eye on the MSN homepage? "Sorry You're Too Fat To Eat Here." What? Kudos to the person who wrote the article because as far as titles and tag lines go, you had me at hello. How could I not read this?

So I did. And Oh. My. Gosh. I know (and unless you're living under a rock, then you do too) that obesity is a national epidemic that warrants, and is finally getting, attention on a local, state and national level. But this? Are you serious? My mind is inundated with the buts, hows and implications of this proposal.

Republican Representative John Read of Gautier, Mississippi, proposed the plan but didn't expect it to become law- he claims he took this extreme action to bring attention to the severity of the issue- and even admits that he probably fits the criteria for being obese.

Now, if your mind has stopped reeling from the absurdity of this sort of law/proposal ever going into effect, think about the broader picture for a minute. What would youdo to combat the obesity problem? What first steps would you take? There is no cut and dry or pat solution and no one approach that can or would be effective for a problem that children, adults and the elderly battle on a daily basis.

Ideas? Experiences? Know of a program or approach that is already working? Sound off and share your ideas.