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Stage Notes

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Stage Notes host Robert Hammond

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Classical 91.5 presents a new weekly radio series that highlights the music of Broadway, both past and present.

Produced by WXXI and hosted by Rochester's own Robert Hammond, Stage Notes airs Saturdays at 12 noon on Classical 91.5/FM-HD91.5-1.

Hammond brings his vast knowledge and passion for theatre and music to this new one-hour radio series. In addition to playing music from Broadway's best, Hammond shares news about the local theatre community, as well as about nationally recognized directors, choreographers and stars, and presents the occasional interview and behind- the-scenes conversation.

Hammond is a seasoned broadcasting and marketing professional, and a fervent supporter of Broadway and the arts. He has a career spanning over 20 years in radio, including experience as a general manager in the Rochester market. Hammond is well-known in the Rochester community for his time as creator and host of Broadway on Legends, which aired on Legends 102.7 FM. He currently provides theatre reviews for various publications, and travels regularly to New York City to see shows on Broadway.

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Stage Notes



Joseph Leo Bwarie

Thank you for a wonderful interview with Joe! He is always an amazing, fun interview but you had such great rapport, great questions and so glad you highlighted so many songs from his awesome album, Nothin' But Love!
All the best and keep doing what you do!
Lynne Menefee
Baltimore, MD

Stage Notes

For a minute I thought someone had switched the dial. If I wanted to listen to this music genre, I would listen to another station. Please rethink airing this program on Classical FM-WXXI. Or put it on AM only.

Disney Stage Notes

Your show is always my favorite, but this broadcast was absolutely beautiful, and once again made my mom's and my day! I couldn't stop smiling for the entire hour--especially when Mary Poppins and Aida were played!Thank you for sharing the same favorites, and as always creating a brilliant soundtrack to a gorgeous afternoon.



Two thumbs up for Robert Hammond and Stage Notes! His eclectic approach, and enthusiastic blend of the old and the new, makes the one hour show fly by. Fantastic music blended by a great depth of knowledge and first class interviews. Bravo, Mr. Hammond! We are always left looking forward to your next show.

Two Thumbs Up for your Comment

I try hard to mix the show with both old and new Broadway. Your comment encouraged me greatly. Thank you!

Glad I found Stage Notes!

A Rochester friend suggested I check out to listen to "Stage Notes" on Saturdays - and I'm glad I did! Living in the metropolitan New York City area, I've often been surprised that there's not a wealth of Broadway/theatre-related radio programs. I've been tuning into "Stage Notes" every week online. The music is great, the host is very knowledgeable and enjoyable to listen to, and I appreciate the fun facts and information he shares.

Thanks for airing "Stage Notes"!

An online fan,
R Scott

Thank you, NYC Listener!

I'm glad you found "Stage Notes," too, Mr. Scott. Thanks for listening, and spread the word throughout NYC.

All best,


Robert Hammond

I'm really looking forward to getting back to Rochester this May! I'm also looking forward to being on Stage Notes with Robert Hammond. I've done many many interviews and it gets no better than Robert.
See you all soon

Thank you, Michael (the other Billy Joel)

How kind of you to leave such a nice comment, Michael! You are a prince to interview! I can't wait to see you in May here in Rochester. Don't forget that you promised me that you are singing "Your Song" at this concert AND live at WXXI during "Stage Notes."

Talk to you soon!

This show is amazing! It is

This show is amazing! It is put together so well!

Interview local State Fair Winner/ Broadway

Hello Robert,
We're looking forward to you Sat. program. I to want to suggest an interview with Sage Melcher who has sung songs from Broadway for the past few years at the NY State Fair. She's sung for and taken classes from several Broadway stars such as Sutton Foster. She's 13 and a student at Allendale Columbia. We want to encourage her to continue her dream to sing on Broadway....and hope for support from her local community.
Best of luck with the program. I thought it would be valuable and fun to show your audience that there are some kids out there that prefer Joel Grey to Brittany Spears.
Give me a call if you get a chance at 746-8078 and check out her website at She also has several videos, including singing at the Stardust and the Iridium with Les Paul, on my FaceBook page.
Steve Melcher