A room with a view

For decades, classical DJ Simon Pontin worked in a radio studio with no window. He complained about it. On the air. So the last time WXXI’s radio studios were renovated, he got his window. It looks out onto the parking lot of the Kodak world headquarters.

It’s my privilege to fill in for Simon this week. My alarm goes off at 4:00 a.m. I love feeling ahead of the world, cozy in the dark with very little traffic and the office all to myself.

Choosing music is a little tricky. Luckily, Simon is all over the map, and his listeners are used to wacky, interesting music. This Monday morning, I played a lot of stuff from the 20th century.

Tuesday morning at about 9:30, I’m planning to air a short piece by a woman composer who’s about my age. Jennifer Higdon’s “Peachtree Street” celebrates a vital street in Atlanta. It moves along with vivacity and interesting textures. I have some accordion music in mind, too. Tomorrow at 8:05ish, I’ll play a short piece from Arcade, New York resident Dan Barski, a pioneer in America’s accordion renaissance.
Yes, the accordion is coming back!

I’m also thinking about playing part of an early string suite by Arnold Schoenberg. If I dare. Some of the most raucous, disturbing musical sounds come from cellos, not steel guitars.

Stream it or tune in and see for yourself.