It's a changing world...

...and that means citizens need to change too.

As I scan the country, there appears to be a need to redefine our roles as US citizens. The need is being driven by the vast changes that have occurred since the founding of America as well as the vast challenges occurring in our local communities and nation; these forces are driving the need for citizens to play an even deeper individual role in addressing societal, political and economic issues that are impacting communities and the country.

For many citizens, their civic duty centers on the voting process that results in the election of officials (politicians) that represent our interest on federal, state and local levels. For others, their duty focuses on involvement on committees, boards, commissions and organizations that provide a benefit. The 21st century citizen has to be informed but also engaged as part of a solution to pressing societal, political and economic issues. The redefined role can focus more on how average citizens can become part of a solution.

My expanded definition of a citizen is one who is actively engaged in providing solutions to pressing societal, political and economic issues. The expanded definition and role provides a framework for citizens to take responsibility for solving problems/needs in their communities, towns, cities and nation.

Armed with this expanded definition and role, challenge yourself to become part of a solution the next time you see a problem or need.