P.S. Save the Whales

I recently received a letter from my cousin's daughter, Kyla. Kyla's letter was on purple lined paper, written in her best cursive (which is way better than most adults that I know), and was dotted with glittery stickers, hearts and other various designs that are the passion of third grade girls. At the bottom of the note, amidst the decorations was a post script: Save the Whales.

At first, this was sort of funny (ha-ha funny, not odd funny) to me. Saving the whales had absolutely nothing to do with the body of the letter, nor is it a topic that Kyla and I have previously discussed. So, why and how did this statement/sentiment make it's way to the bottom of Kyla's letter?

Kyla has somehow become aware that the whales are in need of help. How she has alighted to embrace this particular cause, I don't really know. With more and more schools requiring community service, student or kid's activism is becoming a more public venture. So I decided to do a little research on ways for kids to give, volunteer or learn about the causes that matter to them. Check out the sites below that are specifically for kids who want to donate or volunteer:


For me, a casual comment at the bottom of a letter has not only provided a little more insight into the person that Kyla is becoming, it has also reminded me of the power and influence that we as adults have in shaping the compassion and empathy that children develop for others.

Are you involved with or know of a great charity or volunteer opportunity for kids? Do you do something unique with your class/family to give back to others? Please share!