New RPO season announced!

The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra released its 2008-09 season yesterday. I'm sure the local paper will publish all the dates and details.

For quick reference, I've created this handy excitement level ratings chart for you. It's not in chronological order, and the opinions expressed do not in any way represent WXXI, its underwriters, or contributing supporters.



Choak! Bleck!

*Sprays monitor with coffee*

Billy Joel more exciting than Mahler or Nielsen? I'd rather hear Kim Jong-il sing the Andy Williams song book. Gracious.

...except for Just the Way You Are, with the great solo by Phil Woods. I like that one.

I was hoping they'd get Ben Folds...

Wipe your monitor

Hi, Carl,

Look, Mahler, Nielsen, and Billy are all equally rated. So relax!

What about the Downeaster Alexa and And So It Goes?


Uptown Girl

P.S. My rating will get an 11 knob when they get Sufjan Stevens.