Election Coverage You Can Trust

With the election season upon us, you have probably been overwhelmed with endless political ads, shouting pundits and polarizing news stories. That is, unless you have been tuning in to public broadcasting. WXXI has been the home for civil discourse and balanced information about the races that are most relevant to you. More importantly, WXXI not only provides insight into the candidates’ issues, but also enough comprehensive information to decide for yourself who to vote for.

We have been extremely active with eight different debates, analysis of local races, as well as keeping abreast of the national picture with NPR and PBS. Bob Smith welcomes five local Congressional candidates on 1370 Connection for individual, hour-long programs, while Karen Dewitt’s reports from our Albany Bureau give insider insights from the state capital. On the television side, our news team has made Need to Know Rochester a must-watch Friday night staple while the PBS NewsHour continues to be the standard by which national news is measured.

Finally, one of the best resources WXXI provides for voters is Candidate Free Air Time. WXXI is proud to continue our commitment to inform citizens by offering candidates the opportunity to deliver a free message directly to voters. You may be hearing these pieces locally on Morning Edition and All Things Considered, but more importantly, you can access each and every one of them yourself right here online. This not only gives you a broader understanding of the candidates running in your district, but also the chance to experience them without the distraction and hyperbole of a political ad.

In fact WXXI’s Election page provides you with just about everything you need to be ready for November 2nd. There are descriptions of offices up for election, corresponding lists of candidates, plus links to their individual Free Air Time videos. You can also find current and archived election news stories as well as extensive content from NPR and the PBS NewsHour.

Remember that on election night, you can turn to AM 1370 for continuous reporting and analysis. All of our news people in the field will be providing live, on-air reports as well as Twitter updates throughout the evening. NPR’s Special Coverage rounds out our radio coverage while PBS NewsHour coverage and on-screen updates will leave WXXI-TV viewers informed as well.

I encourage you to take advantage of all of the resources that WXXI provides during this election season. And regardless of how you cast your ballot – the most important decision you can make is to actually go out and vote.