Post-Election Coverage

The election results are in, and though it may be easy to see who the winners are, it may not be as easy to see what it means to New York State or the nation as a whole. WXXI does an exceptional job reporting on election night, however, it is the evaluation and analysis of those results in the days and weeks following that defines the news service you get from public media. Knowing the results is one thing -- understanding them is quite another. Our local reporters will be filing stories and updates from around the region and determining how much things will change, and how much they will stay the same. The results will mean different things to different people in this community -- WXXI presents all the important facts and expectations, and lets individuals decide for themselves what to think. It's that important distinction that sets us apart from other, more polarizing and biased news services. WXXI addresses all sides of the issues, not just the ones you agree with.

Bob Smith will welcome noteworthy guests into the 1370 Connection studio, allowing listeners to call in and get answers to poignant questions. Ongoing reports from Karen DeWitt in our Capitol Bureau will help keep you informed on the news from Albany, while WXXI-TV's Need to Know Rochester will have timely interviews from state and local newsmakers. You can also count on insightful, national perspective from NPR and the PBS NewsHour that will help forecast what to expect in the upcoming months.

So while the end of the election may signal the end of a campaign, it's just the beginning for WXXI. You've already done the most important thing, which is to vote. Now be sure to tune in to WXXI and visit our Election page to discover what that vote means.