Community Cinema presents "As Goes Janesville"

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 7:00pm

WXXI is proud to host a new season of free screenings, featuring films from the Emmy Award-winning PBS series, Independent Lens. The screenings, held at the Little Theatre (240 East Avenue, Rochester, NY), will be followed by lively panel discussions to encourage dialogue and action around important and timely social issues.

Live from Hochstein: Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

Thu, 10/11/2012 - 10:00pm - 11:00pm

Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra kicks off the new season of Live from Hochstein by playing Tchaikovsky.

WXXI's Open House

Sat, 09/15/2012 - 10:00am

WXXI opens its doors to the public on Saturday, September 15, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a day of fun, free activities for guests of all ages.


Sun, 01/06/2013 - 9:00pm

The Great War is over and a long-awaited engagement is on but all is not tranquil at Downton Abbey.

Norm & Company: Edward "Ted" Curtis

Fri, 05/18/2012 - 9:00pm - 9:30pm

Norm & Company, a new series hosted by WXXI President Norm Silverstein, kicks off with an interview with Edward "Ted" Curtis. Watch the full episode!

America Abroad: Iran and the Bomb

Sun, 05/06/2012 - 9:00pm

Iran’s nuclear ambitions have the world on edge. Because of its reluctance to admit international inspectors, and its progress in enriching uranium, the situation is increasingly tense. 

Hochstein at High Falls Concert Series Presents the Po' Boys Brass Band

Thu, 08/16/2012 - 12:15pm

This seven-piece brass, funk and rock band will make you want to get up from your seat and dance!

Hochstein at High Falls Concert Series Presents Gabe Condon

Thu, 08/02/2012 - 12:15pm

Don't miss seeing this impressive young jazz guitarist.

Hochstein at High Falls Concert Series Presents Kristen Shiner McGuire

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 12:15pm

Jazz vocalist, drum set artist, solo marimbist, orchestral percussionist and timpanist, to composer, professor and author, what doesn't she do?

Hochstein at High Falls Concert Series Presents String Theory

Thu, 07/19/2012 - 12:15pm

This group has been astounding audiences with their hefty Americana sounds.

Hochstein at High Falls Concert Series Presents Fred Vine and Brian Williams

Thu, 07/12/2012 - 12:15pm

If you enjoy blues, acoustic and folk music, you won't want to miss this Hochstein at High Falls concert. 

Hochstein at High Falls Concert Series Presents The Dady Brothers

Thu, 06/28/2012 - 12:15pm

Always a crowd pleaser, the Dady Brothers are a versatile duo -- playing the fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bodhran, banjo, uilleann pipes, harmonica, and even pennywhistle.

Hochstein at High Falls Concert Series Presents Thunderbody

Thu, 06/07/2012 - 12:15pm

You'll enjoy this five-member group with roots in reggae and experimental dub.

The Apple Pushers

Sun, 06/24/2012 - 8:00pm

Addressing the issue of food deserts where low income residents have little access to fresh fruits and vegetables and the issue of immigrants and what they do for our country.

America Revealed: Electric Nation

Wed, 04/25/2012 - 10:00pm

Understand the intricacies, vulnerabilities and remarkable ingenuity required to keep up America's modern electric power grid up and running.

NOVA: Secrets of the Sun

Wed, 05/22/2013 - 9:00pm

Gain a greater understanding of our nearest star — one that might help keep our planet from going dark.

Birds of a Feather MARATHON

Sat, 04/14/2012 - 6:00am

We're just winging it!   

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