If It's Magic

There aren't many better ways to access the magic and mystery of existence than dreaming. My all time favorite came to me this summer. I was out behind a farmhouse somewhere at twilight. A cow grazed in a field. He wore a vest made of acorns. Girls in uniforms wandered past, offering loaves of warm bread. A dog in a harness pulled a wagon filled with sleeping fawns.

More recently, in anticipation of the new Cassandra Wilson album, I had a dream where I listened to the entire CD. Upon waking, of course, the whole thing receded into the fog. All I could recall was part of a bassline and one song: Shall We Dance. It's too bad we can't hold on to that stuff tighter and longer. I do remember that I really loved it, though. In fact, now that I've heard the real thing, I'd recommend my dream version...the ultimate unreleased bootleg.

My favorite part of the actual CD is her cover of a Stevie Wonder song...


If it's magic...

Then why can't it be everlasting

Like the sun that always shines

Like the poets in this rhyme

Like the galaxies in time


If it's pleasing...

Then why can't it be never leaving

Like the day that never fails

Like on seashores there are shells

Like the time that always tells


It holds the key to every heart

Throughout the universe

It fills you up without a bite

And quenches every thirst