Kate's Take, day three

The view from a foot below continues with this entry from Austin resident, my niece, Kate Wright:

By day three you're the walking dead, and this morning I forgot to drink any water before I left the house. Of course, it was 90 out.

Lightspeed Champion: (Volume) Funky little folk rock trio from Britain playing an impossible number of concerts this week. Lead singer is going to go get a Star Wars tattoo in a few hours, we're invited to watch. Funny argument amongst themselves about which Weezer song they want to cover.

The Weakerthans : (Volume) So good I needed a second helping, and that link happens to go to the concert, thank you NPR. Terrific show again, with the bassist somehow maintaining his ludicrous energy levels from the night before. "The visions that I see believe in me," may well be my motto for the rest of the year. Well deserved abuse of the ridiculous "Blogging Cages."

Kaki King: (Volume) She's got a full band behind her and it's quite good. Her guitar playing is remarkable. Very chill set up until the end, when the lead singer from the Bonics (Bubonics?) joins them for a thrash metal cover. "Pardon, this song is in standard tuning, which I don't know what that is anymore." Apparently she was paid for that Gardasil ad and is not a VD crusader. Very funny.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: (Volume) Oh somewhere there's a dorm room plastered with posters of these guys. And some day they're gonna write one single, perhaps two, which will be profoundly and severely overplayed on the radio. But right now they're just kind of blandly competent. I fell asleep in a convenient corner.

Liam Finn: (Volume) A duo that loops, but these guys really have fun with the format. The drum solos are so powerful that it's sort of thrilling to see him start playing with the mixers because that means he's going to go all Animal again. The best joystick solo of the week. Energy is great, and he's completely sweat through that shirt.

The Whigs: (Volume) These guys look like they're about ten years old, except for their bassist who looks like the second coming of John Entwhistle. But whoa! Incredible energy, great garage punk, these guys can really play, and the lead singer is keeping eye contact with the audience. "I don't care what your old man thinks of me." Completely entrancing, my favorite show of the week.

Fastball: (Cedar Street Courtyard) Wow. Like watching a completely different band than last night. The reason becomes clear after the first song when the lead singer breaks a guitar string. "The days of wine and roses are over," lamenting that they no longer have roadies. When a guy pops out of the crowd and volunteers to change his string for him, the whole band perks up. Lots of energy, good dancing. This may be where bands need to go after they've had two hits and then the world forgets about them. This is where you can come to be discovered again.

Wye Oak: (The Parish) Duo on guitar and drums. The bass is somehow overpowering, thank you crap sound people. Dreamy and chill, but I'm craving something up-tempo. Not gonna get it.

Radar Brothers: (The Parish) Valium rock. Good valium rock, but still. Kelly tries to defend it as hammock rock. No. I need at least one song with more than 70 beats per minute in the repertoire, or else Imagonnasliceaveinopen. Hey, the guitarist looks just like John Lennon, that's something to keep me entertained. And awake.

The Shout Out Louds: (The Parish) Ooh, this lead singer's got a cape on! And yes, they're actually going to rock! Very fun poppy licks, and the guitars are tumbling to the ground like leaves. And there goes a tambourine kicked across stage. If they're this good this drunk, I'd love to see them again.

Number of shows: 10 (today), 32 (total)
Number of CDs: 1 (sampler schwag, but I'm gonna go broke getting the Weakerthans' back catalogue and the Whigs CDs)
Number of Sixth Street Walks: 2 (today) 10 (total)
Location of my calf muscles: just above my solar plexus. Dehydration cramps hurt!

"I'm not exactly sure what happened. Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another... If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!"