Back to blogging with virtual conducting!

It took something amazing to drag me out of my blogging hibernation, and this weekend I found it.

Are you as excited about the Los Angeles Philharmonic's new music director as I am?  I think Gustavo Dudamel is the coolest conductor ever, and I feel horribly inadequate every time I remember that he's only 2 years older than I am.  I heard the LA Phil's first concert with him last Friday on SymphonyCast (which you can hear every Friday night at 8 on WXXI FM), and was totally geeked to hear that WXXI TV will be airing that concert again on Wednesday this week, October 21, at 8 PM.  

The Orchestra just sounded electric, and totally focused in.  He led a premiere of a very cool new piece by John Adams, and then did Mahler 1 for memory.  This guy is so super-cool, I can hardly contain my childish excitement.  

Then today, I got to work, and found this:

That's right--it's a Guitar-Hero-style game where you get to be Gustavo and conduct the LA Phil Berlioz's "March to the Scaffold" from "Symphonie Fantastique!"  I suggest turning up your speakers and playing it over and over again until you master it.  Enjoy!