Public Online Chat with RCSD Superintendent Brizard

Read the transcript of WXXI's live online chat with Rochester City School Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard Thursday night immediately following his State of Our Schools speech.

Brizard's speech was broadcast live on WXXI-AM 1370 and on online here at

Click Here to access the online chat and see the questions and answer session with the Superintendent.

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Brizards False Claim

It is very flattering and fearful to think that Brizard thinks of himself as the Superintendent of ALL the students in Rochester’s schools, such as the charter and private schools. Though he has no right or authority to do anything to charter and private schools when they do not perform, or how they treat their students and staff. He was very bold last night to say so, and I do not believe that charter schools or private schools for that matter agree with his stance of power. Although they may accept his support for students to use them, charter schools already have their own administrative positions. I wonder how those people feel about Brizard’s desire to be in control of their students?

Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

I applaud your efforts to change the current system that is failing our children. If we sit back and do nothing, our children will continue to suffer. It's a disgrace to see such beautiful talent go to waste. As teachers, we should all be doing everything that we can to build our students up academically, socially, and emotionally. OUR STUDENTS' NEEDS SHOULD ALWAYS BE PUT FIRST! It's our job and it's their RIGHTS!

Mr. Brizard, continue to lead this district towards a brighter future. I support you and your cabinet 100%. We may not have everyone on the same page but, a few of us can make something happen. Keep Striving!