If I had a radio show...

If you have ever listened to Bob Dylan's Theme Radio Hour (on some other radio network...), you know he can be quick and funny with his comments. Thank you Brian, for compiling these little teasers into the thoughts, or, intuitive connections Mr. Dylan makes between songs each week on his show.

Now, if I had a radio show...
...and who is Brian?

From the Theme Time Radio Hour Show


"Hope all you listeners won't accuse me of cronyism just because I occasionally play records by people I know."

"The distinctive voice of Aaron Neville. A lot of people think we sing the same."

Re: Gene Autry's Cowboy Code—"I'm not ashamed to say that I live my life according to that code. Quite a man, that Gene Autry."

"Fred Astaire, the smoothest dancer known to man."

Re: Berna Dean—"Here's a woman who sure doesn't sound like she sleeps alone."

"John Lee….one of those guys that always sounds better without a band. Thirteen bars here, eleven bars there, nine there. Doesn't matter to him. Nobody can do more with less than John Lee Hooker."

Re: Endless Sleep – "This next song is not for the faint of heart."

Re: Johnny Hicks – "A man who sounds like he's got a smile in his voice."

"America is certainly the great melting pot. Where else could someone like Slim Gaillard sing a tribute to matzoh balls and gefilte fish? It's the kind of thing that makes me proud to be an American. Sing it, Slim."

"It's a quarter of a million miles from earth to the moon, and there's no one I'd rather go with than Dinah Washington."

Re: Six Pack to Go – "One of the great beer drinking songs of all time."

Re: Leadbelly – "One of the few ex-cons who recorded a popular children's album."

"A lot of people who play one kind won't play with people who play another kind, but me personally, I never understood any kind of border patrol when it comes to music."

"Some people call Bob [Seger] the poor man's Bruce Springsteen, but personally, I always thought Bruce was the rich man's Bob Seger. Love 'em both, though."

Re: Red Headed Woman – "Boy, you hear a record like that, and you wish more Rockabilly bands had trumpets."

Re: How You Gonna Get Respect—"A political statement you can dance to."

Re: Eddy Dugash and the Ah-Ha Playboys: "Sometimes you just play a record because you like the name of the band. I love the name of this band, but I also love the record."

"Not all songs about crying are necessarily sad."

Re: Robert Parker's Barefootin' – "The man who wrote the national anthem of shoelessness."

Re: Jimmy Lewis – "He sounds as bad off as a rubber-nosed woodpecker in a petrified forest."

"Willie Nelson's tour bus runs on cooking oil….I've toured with Willie…sometimes late at night you can see us, I'm filling up my tank at the gas station and he's filling his up at Denny's."

"I always liked songs with parentheses in the title."

Re: Dinah Washington's Manhattan – "If there every was a love song to a city, I'd say it was this one."

Re: Prince Buster's Taxation – "Like all great artists, he was able to turn things that bothered him into three minutes of musical pleasure. Like here."

Re: Porter Wagoner's Skid Row Joe – "Next up, a very sad song. A recitation. A sermon. A speechifying testification. From Porter Wagoner, telling a tale of a sad man down on his luck in the dirty part of town."

Re: Tex William's Brother Drop Dead – "Some people die too soon. Others, you're kind of hoping. Tex Williams has a song for such a situation."

Re: Sinatra singing Summer Wind—"West Coast weather is the weather of catastrophe. The Santa Ana winds are like the winds of the apocalypse. But the summer wind that Frank's singing about may be a little lighter. Come on in, Frank."

Re: Charles Aznavour—"The Frank Sinatra of France…sings in six languages – French, English, Italian. He's written over a thousand songs…I only know about half of them."

Re: Memphis Minnie—"Me and My Chauffeur Blues. One of the great blues songs of all time, one of the great car songs of all time, one of the great chauffeur songs of all time, sung by one the great old ladies of all time - Memphis Minnie."

Re: Joni Mitchell—"Joni and I go back a long ways. Not all the way back, but pretty far. I've been in a car with Joni. Joni was driving a Lincoln. Excellent driver. I felt safe."

Re: Howlin' Wolf—"This next song is entirely without flaw and meets all the supreme standards of excellence."

Re: Hank Williams—"One of the greatest songwriters who ever lived was Hank Williams, of course. Hank could be headstrong and willful, a backslider and a reprobate, no stranger to bad deeds. However, underneath all of that, he was compassionate and moralistic."

Deep Thoughts

"I don't trust a man who doesn't tear up a little watching Old Yeller."

"All of our shows are for truckers, if not about truckers."

"They say the earth's warmin' up. Be careful of that global warming, and wear your sunscreen."

"Music City USA – one of the only places where a banjo player can make a six figure income."

"The Harmonica is the world's best-selling musical instrument. You're welcome."

"Sometimes when you look at a menu, it's hard to decide what to get. Life is like that, full of difficult choices."

"Lipstick traces on cigarettes can get you in trouble or remind you of the wonders of the night before."

"Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me…as opposed to when you grow up and you learn that…the pen is mightier than the sword. The world is fill of little contradictions like that."

"I leave you with the words of Benjamin Franklin. 'He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.' Thank you, Ben. Peace out."

Bad Jokes

"My friend's wife is a really bad cook. I broke a tooth on her coffee."

"I once had a friend who said liquor will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no liquor."

"A giraffe can go a long time without water. But he wants to see a menu right away."

"I gave a bald-headed friend a comb. You know what he said? 'I'll never part with it.'"

"I don't condone [blonde] jokes. I just repeat them in the public interest."

Happy Trails
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