Something Only You Can Do

This blog builds upon the previous message that highlighted the importance of making your mark in life. Now that you have made a decision to solve a problem in your community, the next logical step is to figure out where your passion lies and the specific problem you want to solve.

How do you choose a specific problem to address? In some way, your life has been a series of lessons learned and experiences that have ultimately prepared you to respond to the need or problem you are most passionate about. Choosing the right problem is easy; it is the problem that is often visibly in front of you; the problem that will demand your best and challenge your level of commitment and it is the problem that no one else is willing to tackle on their own.

I have spent the past several years working on a strategy to address the youth violence and crime issue occurring in our community and nation. The solution has led me and others to develop a Social Entrepreneurship center and curriculum designed also for schools. The goal is to give young people the opportunity to develop businesses and ventures that solve problems in their schools and communities and to avoid risky and negative behaviors. This multi-level initiative is developing into a national model that is tapping into my passion and it is demanding my best.

We all have passion and when channeled, our passion can be utilized to help solve a problem. Choosing the right problem to solve is something only you can do.