Have you seen the pics?

If you have a kid who is a Hannah Montana fan or if you watch the news, then you have probably seen or at least heard about the Vanity Fair pictures of Miley Cyrus. Cyrus is the 15-year-old actress who plays Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel show and the majority of her fans are younger girls in the 6-12 age range.

At best, the pictures taken by famed photographer Annie Liebovitz can be described as risqué - artistic in a sense, but risqué for a girl who is 15.

I could spend a considerable amount of time sharing my thoughts on these pictures and how many people feel they are inappropriate and too sexually suggestive for a 15-year-old but I think that Cyrus' pictures are representative of a larger problem. How do you monitor and decide what is age appropriate for your kids?

Today it is not uncommon to see 9-year-old girls at the salon for manicures, pedicures and waxing services. Shopping for clothing, particularly for girls, is a challenge if you want to comply with school dress code guidelines and have a bit of modesty. For all kids, licensed character, show and sports wear is more than just a logo, it also represents the the entity behind the label.

So my question for you is: How do you decide what is okay and not okay for you child? What strategies do you use when your child(ren) want to follow a trend that you feel is inappropriate? How young is too young for how old is old enough for certain trends?

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Avoid trends by not encouraging them!

I think following trends start at a young age and can be avoided if parents don't encourage it. I think it's the parents more than the kids who are at fault. A kid likes princesses so should the parent go out and buy every item of clothing and toys with princesses? My kids know of Hanna Montana and my 6-year old actually gets a little disgusted that a lot of the girls only talk about, and want to play, Hanna Montana. With us never encouraging one particular theme or program (and sticking with educational tv with no commercials) we have avoided the issue. We expose our children to a wide variety of music and tv that is educational and show them what is and what is not appropriate. Hopefully this will be enough as they get older. So far it has worked.

I agree & thanks for sharing!

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your comments- I couldn't agree more with your view on not encouraging the obsession with trends. It's great how your 6-year old being annoyed with her peers that only talk about Hannah Montana.
Great tip for other parents too in that you don't encourage 1 particular theme and to expose your kids to a wide variety of music and TV.