Herd of 'em?

Donna the Buffalo played the Lilac fest last night. The stage is nestled at the bottom of a grassy slope. There are tents along the top where you can buy fried dough and Italian sausage and beer. The sky was low and mottled, threatening rain that never came. There was a slight chill in the air. Dark planes glided by.

“You got a nice scene going on,” Jeb Puryear said. He’s the guitarist in the group. The scene got a lot nicer when the band started. They unfurled this warm organic sound, drum-punched, spiked with the clatter of washboard, the lilt of accordion. The space in front of the stage filled up fast. Running Man was there. Maybe you’ve seen him around town. Kinda looks like Walt Whitman...with a ball cap, beads and very short shorts. There were little kids, white girls with dreads, young couples, old folks, even a few dogs.

Some people knew all the words. Everyone seemed to recognize the music. It pulsed out, pushing back the chill, a premonition of summer.