A Day in the Life of.....

I ran across an interesting article titled Diaper Genie by Emily Yoffe, which details her experiences working at a daycare for 2 weeks. Akin to the TV show Dirty Jobs, Yoffe refers to herself as a "human guinea pig, humiliating herself for fun and profit" by trying various jobs and hobbies that people are curious about.

For anyone who thinks that daycare workers are overpaid or that it is an easy job, I encourage you to read Yoffe's comments. As a person who has worked in and been the director of a daycare as well as currently working with daycare providers, I felt that the article did an excellent job of outlining the day to day struggles and rewards of those who devote their life to working with young children... for next to nothing in pay.

Read, enjoy and, if you have children in daycare, give your child's teacher an extra pat on the back when you pick up your bundle of joy today.