Eastman Chandelier lowering

The lowering of the Eastman Theater chandelier marks the first step in renovation project.

The chandelier is lowered.: ©Andy Olenick fotowerks.comThe chandelier is lowered.: ©Andy Olenick fotowerks.com
As soon as I read in the Wednesday D&C that the Eastman Theater chandelier had been lowered to prepare for the theater renovation project, I just had to find out if I could get in and see it. After all, that theater - and the chandelier in particular - has been the focus for many an amazed visitor - young and old. So I called my dear friend Helene Snihur who is the spokeswoman for the Eastman School of Music. Within minutes I was welcomed into the hall - as long as I was willing to wear a hard hat and safety glasses.

I also remembered how I used to teach my Junior High General Music students about the Eastman Theater and the magnificent 35 foot tall chandelier. The students were always amazed at its size, the number of lights (585) and crystals (more than 20,000) which make up the magnificent centerpiece.

Eastman Theater is a part of our lives. Literally thousands of school children have traveled to Eastman Theater to attended their first orchestral concert. For others it holds a special memory of a graduation, or the first time seeing the Nutcracker Ballet. Eastman Theater holds a special place in the hearts of thousands in this community, and it is so wonderful that this renovation is taking place.
Step One: ©Andy Olenick fotowerks.comStep One: ©Andy Olenick fotowerks.com

So as much as I wanted to share with you my thoughts on this experience, I wanted even more to show you the sight itself. Unfortunately my little digital camera simply could not capture the magnificence of the sight. As fortune would have it, while I was there I ran into professional photographer Andy Olenick who is documenting the entire renovation project through photographs. He has been so kind as to allow me to share a couple of his photos with you on this site. Thanks Andy.

Stay tuned as together we hope to update readers and classical music lovers on the progress of our magnificent hall.