The Producer Gives Back

John Nugent play the Eastman Theater

John Nugent, artistic director of the Rochester International Jazz Fest, presented his gift to the community, and himself, on Sunday. A beautiful series of love songs. 

sketch by Scott Regan

Open the doors and they will come. Eastman Theater was near to capacity on Sunday, for a celebration a long time in coming. After producing 2,499 shows, John Nugent took the stage himself for his 2,500.Set to the lush backing of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra strings; Jeff Campbell, bass, Mike Milito, drums, and Bill Dobbins on piano, Mr. Nugent's saxophone filled the auditorium with the rich tones a ten year romance deserves. 

A celebration. An anniversary. Beautiful love songs.

The Rochester International Jazz Fest turned ten years old this year. This show was the Artistic Director's gift to the community, and to himself, to celebrate.

The musical romance evolved further into the show. First noticed in Montreal as "the girl with the bassoon in one hand and a guitar in the other", John decided she was someone he should know. Years later they have two children, and I presume, a few practice rooms in their Rochester home. Dawn played an elegant guitar, as she joined the band on "Like Someone in Love". 

Like a community in love, Rochester showed it's appreciation.

Thanks, John, for all the music.