I Know You're Married But I Have Feelings Too

That's the title of Martha Wainwright's new record. Maybe there's a family gene that inclines her to soul-baring. On that score, she gives her dad a run for his money. She doesn’t have Loudon’s funny bone, but she’s just as honest, and can sing with more emotion. A good example is a song best indicated with the acronym “BMFA.” It’s supposedly addressed to her father. She sings that one and a bunch of the new tunes (plus an epic “Stormy Weather”) in this video.

There are some extraordinary moments, not all of them musical. She offers to sign underwear after the show, and later stops mid-song and tells the crowd to quit chatting! A girl after my own heart. As for the music, her songs can startle. They take twists and turns and leaps without looking. All the while she brings to mind a young Helen Mirren, which doesn’t hurt.

The album title is taken from the song "Bleeding All Over You," which begins this way…

There are days when the cage
Doesn't seem to open very wide at all
There are others that would shock
The most indiscriminate lovers of all
My heart was made for bleeding all over you


In other news, this FabChannel website (link above) is aptly named. You can register for free and watch full-length concerts from artists including Suzanne Vega, Joan as Police Woman, Joe Henry and Bettye LaVette.